Looking for Funding?

The innovate360 Social Enterprise Recruitment model is highly scalable and capable of generating donations for any social cause. If were to be applied to all agency recruitment across Australia, an estimated $2 billion per year would be generated for the NFP sector. It would also reduce costs for business by between $2 billion to $3 billion. Imagine the impact!

Opportunity for Charities & NFPs to Generate Funding

All elements of the innovate360 Social Enterprise business model work in harmony to create a positive cycle of growth, to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for both business and the NFP sector. It creates a new opportunity for NFPs to proactively collaborate (at no cost to the NFP) with business to generate substantial funding streams as follows:

  • Collaborate with innovate360 to approach businesses with an offering to provide recruitment services and generate donations for the NFP, resulting in positive PR messages of support and thanks for business.
  • Introduce the innovate360 Social  Enterprise Recruitment Services to corporate sponsors providing a means for them to reduce their recruitment costs, provide greater support for the NFP and generate positive PR.
  • Collaborate with innovate360 to raise funds, for the purchase specific products or services required by the NFP. This would provide positive PR for businesses as they recruit new staff.

To find out more about generating funding for your NFP with innovate360, please contact us today.