Social Enterprise

As a Social Enterprise, innovate360 provides permanent and contract recruitment services to business, providing a new means of generating funding for NFPs. It also reduces business operational expenditure on Recruitment.  innovate360 provides a full end to end recruitment services in areas including Executive, Technology, Medical, Health Services, Financial Services, Science and Engineering, Marketing and Communications, Human Resources, Administration and NFP.  innovate360 sets itself apart by:

  1. Charging significantly less (up to 60% less!) to make the service compelling.
  2. Donating 20% of ALL fees directly to a NFP nominated by the client.
  3. Attributing donations to the fundraising efforts of the client, providing business with a new means of generating positive PR messages as NFP’s say “thank you” via their social and other media channels.
  4. Assisting business to build trust, generate community goodwill and enhance social licence, all of which are conducive to business growth and competitive advantage.
  5. Assisting business with purpose.
  6. Assisting business leaders to understand and / or realise the benefits of supporting community causes.
  7. Assisting business to attract and retain high calibre, highly engaged candidates.

Our Social Enterprise model of Recruitment resulted in  innovate360  being a Finalist in the 2018 Optus My Business Awards for Sustainability Program of the Year.

To learn more about how innovate360 generates funding for NFPs, and supports the community, please contact us today.