Social Enterprise - The new way to recuit, reduce cost, support the community, generate community goodwill and grow your business

As part of “whole systems thinkinginnovate360, a Social Enterprise, supports community, business and its people. If any part of the system is not healthy, the rest of the system does not operate effectively. innovate360, in the spirit of altruism donates 20% of all recruitment fees to a charity or not for profit organisation as nominated by the client.  The donations are attributed to the fund raising efforts of the client. When clients nominate a Charity or NFP aligned with resolving social issues of importance to its customers, potential customers and the marketplace, it enables business to benefit from the positive messages generated as the Charity / NFP publishes messages of thanks via their social and other media channels. This provides a new mechanism for building trust and generating community goodwill.

We bridge the gap between business and NFP organisations, creating a pathway to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for both. As a consequence, both business and the community reap the rewards of this new and socially responsible approach to recruitment.

At innovate360, we believe in giving back to the community in which we live and work. We believe that business can work with the community to solve problems that Governments cannot. Linking business success and social progress creates an environment conducive to Community Prosperity and Social Progress. This helps to “raise the bar” of social responsibility, creating a healthier community, which is of benefit to all. Recent research shows that Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important role in attracting and retaining high quality staff. Another major benefit for business, at no direct cost.

Not only is it socially responsible to use the innovate360 recruitment service, it makes sound commercial sense.

  • Attract and Retain high calibre, highly engaged talent.
  • Pay less in recruitment fees
  • You create a significant Competitive Advantage
  • Receive high quality unsurpassed service, provided by people who actually understand your business
  • You build upon and enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility profile
  • Integrate your business into the Community, assisting to resolve social issues as your business grows
  • Create a sense of "purpose", igniting a passion to innovate and make a real difference

...... An all round "win-win" for business, the community and people!

To work with innovate360 and support the Community via your preferred Charity or NFP, please contact us today.

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