How does your business benefit from Recruit4Good?

The best way to demonstrate is via an example.

Let’s say your business elected to support the MD Angels program as you recruit new staff with innovate360 under the Recruit4Good service.

If you were to recruit 12 people at an average salary of $120,000.00 per annum, it would generate $35,000.00 in donations for MDA, which would be attributed to your organisation’s fundraising efforts. This would be enough to employ 4 casual MD Angels for 12 months. Based on typical recruitment agency fee structures, we estimate your business would reduce its recruitment spend on these 12 resources by an amount between $28,000.00 to $86,000.00.

What you get:

  • High calibre, highly engaged staff. With the recruitment process being the first insight to the processes of the hiring organisation, recruiting with a social enterprise that generates donations for Charity creates a very positive first impression, resulting in much higher levels of candidate engagement.
  • Loads of positive PR! MDA will publish messages of thanks and support via its social and other media channels for generating donations to employ 4 MD Angels. MDA's social reach is 24 million people via its Website. It also has 25,000 Facebook followers and broadcasts messages via Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. innovate360 will also support MDA’s promotions and amplify the positive messages generated as your business recruits for good.
  • Exposure to new potential customers. MDA will list your organisation on its Website as a Recruit4Good partner along with a description of the products and services that your organisation provides.
  • Generation of community good will. Articles will be written for the MDA newsletter to highlight to the community the support provided by your organisation.  
  • Enhancement of social licence to operate. MDA will make its Executive Director available for multiple photo opportunities that include handing over donation cheques and photos with MD Angels staff.
  • Be seen across the community as an organisation that cares. MDA and innovate360 would also invite local television and print media to cover this initiative as a 'good news' story where a corporate is actively and deliberately having a positive impact within the community. After the fallout from the Royal Commission, the media and the community are looking for 'good news' corporate stories. The Executive Director of MDA is well connected within the Australian media.
  • Attract & retain high calibre, highly engaged talent. Enhanced staff wellbeing as staff gain a sense of human purpose as they see their employer working in a way that is of benefit to the community. Multiyear research from Gallup shows that organisations with purpose tend to be more profitable than those without. Good staff are also more inclined to stay, whilst high calibre staff from the marketplace are attracted to organisations with purpose.
  • Reduced cost. Based on typical recruitment agency fee structures, we estimate your business would reduce its recruitment spend on these 12 resources by an amount between $28,000.00 to $86,000.00.

It makes perfect sense & everyone wins!


For more information, or to inquire about utilising the Recruit4Good service from innovate360 towards a world without Muscular Dystrophy, please contact Andrew McGarry, Director, innovate360 or contact Boris Struk, Executive Director, Muscular Dystrophy Australia.