Before Applying

Considerations when applying for a new job:

  • Is your CV up to date?
  • Is your CV easy to read and well structured?
  • Does your CV convey your experience in the areas of interest to a potential new employer? There is no reason why you cannot have multiple versions of your CV, each highlighting different facets of your experience and capability.
  • Do you have the skills, capability and experience to perform the role?
  • Consider your social media accounts. Hiring managers regularly take a look at candidates Facebook page and other social media accounts. Consider what they would find if they do. Will what they see convey a message that will be of concern to a potential new employer? For example, pictures showing you drink excessively, bad language, being disrespectful or being otherwise inappropriate may stand in the way of you being offered your perfect job. When considering your social media accounts keep in mind that hiring managers are looking to hire people that are a good fit for the organisations culture, ethical outlook and personality types. What will they see if the look at yours? Do you need to update it? Or tone it down? Or make most things private and visible only to your friends?

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