Adapt Today or Perish Tomorrow!

Can your organisation survive in a world of accelerated change?

With technology growth being exponential and new technologies being created all the time, business is at the early stages of a new evolution. Most organisations are not structured and capable of adapting to accelerated change. They will struggle, as wave after wave of agile, innovative and adaptive new businesses proliferate at the expense of those who were not prepared or not capable of reinventing themselves. For example – Consider - As energy storage improves (Think Tesla’s batteries) – What will this mean for electricity producers and energy retailers? As energy becomes derived from renewable sources – What will this mean for traditional energy companies? As cars move to being electric, what does this mean for the automotive industry? As cars become driverless, what does this mean for the logistics industry (trains, trucks, taxis, postal services, couriers etc)? As data science capabilities increase with predictive analytics, combined with machine learning, what will this mean to traditional “expert” based services carried out by lawyers, barristers, judges, doctors, pharmacists, surgeons etc? Then we have the ever advancing field of robotics and nano technology. How will changes such as this revolutionise your industry?

Right now technologies are being created that will change the way products and services are procured, delivered and consumed. Simultaneously, the world is becoming a smaller place with globalisation. Technology reach is expanding rapidly and there are new emerging powerhouse countries including China and India amongst a large group of others. These countries are helping to drive growth and change. They are fighting to be economic winners on the world stage. They are hungry, motivated and tenacious. The rate of change is not just enormous, it is accelerating. Unfortunately, especially in Western countries, there is almost an air of complacency. Corporate leaders, Governments and Community leaders are fighting to maintain the status quo. MeanwhiChange Management, Future Ready and Reinvention with innovate360le, the road to the future is being littered with more and more corporate “road kill” of those unable or unwilling to accept that change is inevitable.

The choice is very simple. Adapt or perish!

Can your organisation Adapt? Is it capable of Reinvention?

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It is what you do today that determines your future.