Make Money by Giving it Away!

That’s right!

By giving money away, not only can you make money,

You can save it as well!


What if this could be done at no direct cost to your business?

What if this could be done as part of a “Shared Value” creation initiative, where the generation of economic value also produces value for society by addressing its challenges?

What if the way you went about “business as usual” activities enhanced your Corporate Social Responsibility profile, reduced cost and helped to create a competitive advantage?

Corporate Social Responsibility has a far greater impact on your bottom line than most people would expect. This is primarily due to the fact it is indirect and difficult to measure. When coupled with the concept of “Shared Value”, the impacts can be profound, enhancing corporate health, employee well-being, community well-being, business sustainability and ultimately business success.

Helping the community to thrive and prosper has a flow on effect of creating a positive image within the community of your organisation as it changes marketplace perception from being that of a simple “customer – supplier” dynamic, to being an integral part of the fabric of society, supporting the community and creating a better environment for all. What better way to differentiate your business, its product and services and create a real and significant competitive advantage.

The benefits for the Corporate Community of a positive Corporate Social Responsibility profile and participation in Shared Value initiatives are both profound and transformational, providing:

  • Improved marketplace health, creating an environment conducive to sustainable business
  • Positive marketplace perception of your organisation builds trust and respect of existing and potential customers
  • The active support of the community i.e. Community Leaders delivering positive messages about your business
  • A means to attract & retain the best & brightest talent as you demonstrate purpose and positive social intent
  • Competitive advantage

With the right approach, business can make money by giving it away!

Reach out today to learn how you can transform business and create a distinct competitive advantage as you grow your business and work with Community Leaders towards the resolution of social issues important to your customers and marketplace.

Andrew McGarry | Director | innovate360, a Social Enterprise