The impact of recruiting with innovate360

The team at innovate360 works tirelessly to increase the impact we have across the community, generating donations for NFPs including Red Cross, ARRCS, HammondCare, Support the community with innovate360Yfoundations, Pathfinders, Amaze and AAPS.

The new innovation in the provision of recruitment services provides the entire NFP Sector with a new, sustainable and commercially sensible means of generating funding via social procurement. It helps link business success to social outcomes. It is highly scalable and capable of generating donations for any social cause. It also saves business money. If the innovate360 model was applied to all agency recruitment across Australia, an estimated $2 billion per year would be generated for the NFP sector. It would also save business somewhere in the vicinity of $2-3 billion per year in recruitment fees.

Imagine the impact!

Example of the innovate360 impact to date on Sydney’s homeless

Example of what is possible when you recruit with innovate360

Specialty Recruitment Areas for innovate360 include Technology, Health, Business, and Charity / NFP.

To learn more about how to reduce your agency recruitment spend, whilst supporting the community, please contact innovate360