Recruitment Methodology

The most valuable assets of any organisation are its people. Having the “right people in the right jobs at the right time” has positive effects that flow through your organisation. At innovate360 we work with you to achieve this as follows:

  • Role clarification – An understanding of the “true essence” of the role, additional to the Job Description.
  • Search - Utilising our extensive network of industry contacts built across the last 25 years in conjunction with online advertising and social media.
  • Behavioural interviews conducted based on requirements of the role to establish job fit in terms of skills and experience required. 
  • A short list of suitably qualified candidates is then prepared and presented, including references, along with an executive summary.
  • Candidates are selected and Client interviews conducted.
  • Reference checks conducted, validating skills and experience, incorporating questions based on post interview feedback.
  • Once the successful candidate has been identified, innovate360 will work with your organisation to have employment contracts agreed and signed.
  • During the first month of the successful executive commencing work with your organisation, innovate360 will commence the integration process by meeting with your organisation’s hiring manager and the successful candidate for feedback and mentoring.
  • There will be a further integration discussion towards the end of the third month of employment. This provides the ability to fast track integration of the candidate.

To leverage innovate360’s extensive network and industry experience to find your “right people”, please contact us today.

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