Recruitment for NFPs and the Community

innovate360 provides the NFP sector with a recruitment service offering that will provide high quality candidates and reduce costs, whilst actively supporting and contributing to the NFP itself. The innovate360 service also provides a means of generating additional donation streams from new corporate donors within the community.

innovate360, A Social Enterprise Recruitment Agency, provides unprecedented value and service to NFP clients, charging up to 34% less in fees than other recruitment agencies servicing the NFP sector rates and donating 20% of the fee back to one of the NFP's projects.innovate360 - Reducing Recruitment cost for NFPs & generating donations

By taking a holistic view of the community in which we work and live, innovate360 provides a unique and altruistic  recruitment model, integrating community support to create a means by which business can support the community out of “business as usual” activities, at no direct cost, whilst saving money on recruitment fees.  The cornerstone of the Innovate360 recruitment service offering is to create shared value, facilitating business partnerships in support of community based organisations, towards the objective of enhancing the health and well-being of the community in which we all live and work. A healthy community is good for business and for all within the community.

innovate360 consultants integrate with NFP client processes to find high calibre, highly engaged candidates for your organisation and its culture, creating a sustainable outcomes for business, its people and the community. Recruitment services are available from innovate360 at a National and Regional level for:

  • Permanent Staff Recruitment
  • Contract Consultants for Programs & Projects
  • Freelance Specialist Workforce
  • Executive Recruitment
  • International Search
  • Setting up New Operations

Innovate360 can assist with roles including:

  • C Level & Executive Management
  • Project Managers, Project Directors and Project Office
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Philanthropy / Fundraising
  • Testers & Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Specialists
  • ERP Specialists
  • Business Analysts & Subject Matter Experts
  • Sales & Business Development Staff
  • Support Staff

For more information on recruiting people for NFPs, Charities and Community roles, please contact innovate360 today.

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