Why we founded innovate360

After commencing a career in recruitment in 1996, the Founder of innovate360 , Andrew McGarry, took a break from the industry in 2011, spending approximately 5 years out of the innovate360, a Social Enterprise Recruitment Agency - Making a Differencerecruitment industry, prior to returning in 2015. Whilst outside of the recruitment industry Andrew provided pro bono case management for victims of domestic violence (DV). In doing so, Andrew found that DV victims could often not afford to feed their children. This led to Andrew being involved with the Vinnies Bread Run, delivering leftover bread to those in need.

Andrew also noticed the increasing numbers of homeless people on the streets, the growing need to community assistance and support and the difficulties charities and NFPs were having to secure ongoing fundraising. The need for NFP sector services is growing, whilst the funding available is shrinking.

After returning to the recruitment industry Andrew very quickly noticed the industry needed an overhaul. He found the industry is generally focused around the generation of profit. This appears to be a key driver of many of the bad behaviour that currently plague the recruitment sector. Combine this with a general lack of knowledge amongst many recruiters in the areas in which they recruit, along with high fees, there is plenty of scope to “reimagine” recruitment.

In 2015, Andrew established innovate360 as a social enterprise so as to provide outstanding recruitment services, and value, to business whilst assisting with the resolution of social issues of importance to the community. In establishing innovate360 as a social enterprise, Andrew has created a new way of generating funding for the NFP sector from the “Business as Usual” operational expenditure of business. innovate360 charges less and donates 20% of all fees to charity so as to:

  • Reduce the cost of recruitment for business
  • Provide a new mechanism to enable business growth and competitive advantage
  • Provide a new means of attracting and retaining high calibre, highly engaged candidates
  • Create a new, ongoing and sustainable means of funding the NFP sector
  • Create an environment in which people and communities can prosper and thrive
  • Have a positive impact upon the recruitment industry

What we do & how we do it