innovate360 & You

At innovate360 ​we are passionate about connecting people for good.

In taking a holistic view, we firmly believe business is capable of playing a major role in the resolution of social issues across the community.

We provide the recruitment services needed by business to attract and retaining high calibre, highly engaged staff, whilst reducing cost and generating positive PR.

As a Social Enterprise we provide a revolutionary new mechanism for collaboration between business and the community, providing NFPs, at no cost, a new means to:

  • Proactively generate new, substantial and ongoing funding from businesses within the community.
  • Proactively generate new, substantial and ongoing funding through existing corporate sponsors.
  • Generate additional donations via work place giving and corporate sponsorship.
  • Generate funding for any specific products or services required.
  • Access a greater pool of skilled volunteers.
  • Access Grant funding for NFP advertising ( innovate360 would assist with this).
  • Be introduced to new innovate360 clients that do not know where they should direct the donations generated.

For more information on generating donations for your NFP and / or reducing your recruitment cost, please contact innovate360 today.