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At innovate360 we provide innovative, practical & cost-effective Recruitment processes & solutions for business, community & people. For too long recruitment companies have provided little or no customer-focused service whilst continuing to charge high fees. It appears their sole purpose for existing is to make money! We have created innovate360 to support customers through sensible, proven & values-driven services aimed at sustainable outcomes for Business, it's People & the Community. When you recruit with innovate360, your organisation is able to support a charity towards the resolution of social issues of importance to your customers. This is great for generating positive messages across the community, building trust and goodwill. A great new pathway towards business growth and competitive advantage.

Working with innovate360 results in high caliber, highly engaged candidates. Often, a candidate's first insight into the hiring organisation's business operations is the recruitment process itself. When candidates learn the hiring organisation has elected to work with social enterprise and that the recruitment process itself will generate a donation for charity, they are very impressed and spend more time preparing as it is highly desirable to be working with a socially  responsible business. From experience, candidates spend more time with preparation, are much more engaged throughout the recruitment process and begin as a highly engaged and enthusiastic new starter. 

Working with innovate360 assist organisation to attract and retain high calibre, highly engaged talent.

Key elements of the innovate360  service include:

Specialty Recruitment Areas for innovate360 include Technology, Health, Business, and Charity / NFP.

To find the right people, at the right time, whilst reducing cost and risk, please contact innovate360

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